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Entertainment Livestream

S5 Box

Since LAN parties are fading out and the NewNet has become a world-wide community, we decided to join together from time to time to create a fun and interesting live stream (supported by our affiliates from for you all to enjoy.

Our transmissions may contain tournaments, matches, gameplay videos, etc. and the coolest thing is that YOU can be a part of it!

Currently, we have shifted our focus from weekly streaming of live multiplayer to a more casual approach based on live commenting over pre-recorded video material; when time and energy permits. As such, should the live stream countdown not appear on the Mainsite, then that would indicate that we are probably taking some time to gather and produce our material. Conversely, if the countdown is active then you can look forward to the next show. Registered forum members will receive a newsletter prior to any upcoming broadcasts.

If you wish to contribute to the project, please let us know in the forums.







How to submit a gameplay video

1) Express your desire to show a gameplay video by posting in the live stream gossip corner thread. 

2) We will reply telling you when the next available slot is for you to show it. Your video needs to be ready for everyone about 3 days before this date.

3) Your video needs to be at least 5 minutes in length. If your YouTube has a 15 minute limit please keep it at a 14 minute maximum so as to allow for anything else after the video ends.

4) Simply record yourself playing the game (raw footage). We aren't interested in just showing videos straight from YouTube, etc.

5) This step is completely up to you, but feel free to use editing software to add additional things such as the cover art and/or anything else suitable which might improve the video. Anything goes really as long as it isn't offensive and/or irrelevant to the game. Short clips from YouTube are allowed.

6) Once your video has been rendered in the higher quality (the version shown on the stream and used in the 'frame version' of the video for your youtube channel), please also render a lower quality version so that other viewers can easily download it and stay in sync with you on the stream. This way the rest of us only have to download say 100mb rather than 500mb to have your video.

7) Let us know when your video is ready. We will give you information on how to send transfer the video to us.

8) If you want to show the finished product on your YouTube channel , then once the stream is over , we will make a frame for your video and render it with all the commentary, etc, from the stream. After that we will upload it to our Webserver where you can download it and show it on your youtube channel.

Note: If you require assistance with anything then feel free to PM any of the team members. We don't bite and are always glad to help any newcomer to get everything to work. This includes recording problems, editing problems, capture card problems, etc.